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Zossa full - color by jimjum Zossa full - color by jimjum
There I go with the devilish stuff again, dunno if its anime but I hope ya like it anyways =P (Razz)

um.. is there something like a "character-designer" ?
cuz I sure like doing this stuff =) (Smile)

- You can also go see Zossas boyfriend = [link] =D (Big Grin) Horns

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uhlrik Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2002   General Artist
Well, I must say that I like this one just about as much as Red. The pose isn't as cool, but the expression is just as hard-core and I do like the hands. The proportions are a bit off but that's to be expected in a piece of this nature I think. The hair is sweet. Perhaps the hips could sue being a bit wider, which would help her look more balanced and feminine.

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fuzzydemon Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2002
Wow, this rocks..

The line work is great.. very well drawn. The only thing that seems off to me in the proportions is the arms. The lower arm (elbow to wrist) seems too long in relation to the upper arm (shoulder to elbow). But if that was your intention, it's all good :) (Smile) The hands are particularly well drawn Nod

Colouring job here is very nice.. well placed shadows and highlights. The only thing that I would suggest in this respect is to (as cheeks already suggested) give her more highlights.. or at least brighten them up a bit.. with tones of the same blue that are closer to white.

But an awesome piece. Keep up the great work 8) (Cool)
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zlim Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2002
So here is the colored version. And i must say you really impressed me jim. That is the perfect couple. The glow in the eyes are as good as before and I think you should make a comic with them. That would be kickass. Superb! Thumbs Up

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l-chan Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2002
beautiful! I knew the colored version would be amazing.... and yes, there are character designer jobs ^_^ you should defiantely be one... I'd like to see a comic of this

rikard Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2002
Hubba hubba, im jealous of red now!:D (Big Grin)

(du kunde inte gjort brsten LITE strre vad.....?:D (Big Grin) )

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vilestyle Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2002
but dont u think a girl needs more subtile bone-applications?
Shes cute but nothing can beat RED!!!
laura Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh, cool. Looks like she's gearing up to do some serious flipping style fighting mad skillz. :D (Big Grin)

Um, its very good, in other words. :D (Big Grin)

weirdone Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2002
smooth creature.............this is a real mad one....
i like the dark aura the creature has!! =) (Smile)

nighon Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2002

excellent work with the hands and I like the toes very nice with all the details.

(need to talk to you later)

Nighon =D (Big Grin)
wickedjax Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
that is totally cool!!!! :) (Smile) wow....neato :P (Razz)
i love it *ads to fav's* :O (Eek)
loiden Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
ah now I see what it is.. the thingie=) (Smile) .. just that it looked abit more natrual on the boyfriend one =) (Smile) ..

ah, great drawing and airbrushing =) (Smile)

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v0x Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
Very very nice! I love the blue, although I still think a light red/pinkish sort of color would go better with her 'boyfriend' Red. :) (Smile) It's still a kick ass piece, great job!

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batfink Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
thats absolutely out of this world!! Once again you talent amazes me!! Do you by any chance use a tablet ???

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lugerman Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002   Photographer
woa'h man, that's like, AmAzing :) (Smile)
dreamz13 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
Lovely colors, reminds me of Mystique(?) in X-Men.

8) (Cool) where dreams meet reality 8) (Cool)
eitri Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
Your characters are very cool. The blue is a little bright for me, but is still very cool.
dragonmage Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
devilish indeed. she's a bit top heavy , but thats ok. the detail is awesome , especially those hands!

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m-a-s-a Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
awsome work dude! your character drawings are exellent!

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kappa Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
Hmm... nice body proportions and shading. The hands are well drawn, too. Nod
cheeks Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002
very secksy jim , excellent color choice :D (Big Grin) , although personally i think she needs some more highlights :) (Smile) !
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